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Fur Types

Since the first man discovered the warmth of fur pelts, people have spent countless dollars on furs that have come to symbolize wealth, status, power, love and beauty. Below are the current and most popular furs used today.


Mink is by far the most popular fur sold worldwide, and the most popular selling fur at Pavlis Furs.

Primarily farm-raised, mink is soft, lightweight, and extremely durable and will provide you with many years of wear. Mink breeding has led to the development of many new and exciting colors and shades. Longhaired mink have lustrous guard hairs and dense underfur, while the popular sheared mink have a plush and velvety texture.


Lynx boast dramatic and unique colorations that vary from medium brown to beige-white and are often spotted brown. Featuring dense underfur and sleek guard hair, lynx offer the upmost of warmth. Lynx are native to North America and Russia.


No fur is softer than the extremely silky and warm chinchilla. Delicate and expensive furs for occasional wear, celebrities across the board have been seen wearing chinchilla. Originally wild, and mostly from South America, chinchilla are now ranch raised mostly in the USA.


Russian sable is the most expensive and glamorized fur in the world. Lightweight and rare, Russian sable fur is a beautiful brown color with a silver cast. Canadian sable in brown or golden tones is somewhat less expensive than its Russian counterpart.


Beautiful, durable, and dense, coyote fur is a popular choice for vests, coats and also as trim on collars and cuffs. This North American fur has color variances from gray to tan.


The highly popular fox fur comes in a wide range of natural colors, including silver, red, white, blue and gray. This longhaired and fluffy fur makes an ideal cape or vest, and makes a perfect trim on collars and cuffs. The majority of fox are farm-raised in Scandinavia.


Thick, soft and fluffy, raccoon fur is used for anything from trim work to vests and full length coats. Raccoon offers unbeatable warmth and durability. Its unique and beautiful colorings range from tan to gray and black.


Shearling is a very popular and mainstream lamb fur. The natural lamb pelts are leatherized or sueded and worn on the outside, with the curly fur worn on the inside creating a warm lining.

Persian lamb is characterized with wavy curls and natural colors of black, gray and brown.

Broadtail lamb is shiny and flat with a slight wave that can look more like a fabric.

Mongolian and Tibetan lambs are longhaired and curly. These flashy, high fashion furs are often dyed in an array of colors.


Rabbit is a lightweight and warm fur that is very reasonably priced which adds to its popularity, especially for accessories; however it is not very durable. Its natural medium length hair comes in a variety of colors. It can be easily sheared, dyed or knitted to create many looks.


Natural beaver has very long and glossy hair with thick underfur, also known as the Chicago coat for its undeniable warmth. Sheared beaver is shorn down to the plush underfur and is velvety soft. Sheared beaver can be dyed in an array of fun colors.

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