10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Alterations & Repairs

One of the benefits of the natural product of fur is that it can be repaired or remodeled. As an Authorized Fur Care Specialist, 4th generation furrier Angelo Pavlis will personally work with you, from finding matching fur to make any repairs necessary to helping you to remodel your older fur into a new, updated fashion.

Services Available Include:

  • Hemming or adding to the length of a coat or its sleeves
  • Relining or repair of the lining in a garment
  • Monogramming
  • Repairing of rips
  • Replacement or repair of closures such as hooks, rings, buttons, or zippers
  • Recycling of your old, unwanted fur into a keepsake bear
  • Updating of large, outdated shoulders on a garment
  • Shearing of a long haired fur for an updated and lighter weight look
  • Resizing of a garment
  • Complete restyling of a garment into a new and modern piece


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