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At Home Care
  • Never hang your fur on a wire hanger, use only a broad-shoulder hanger. Broad-shoulder hangers are provided with a purchase of a fur and also with storage at Pavlis Furs.
  • Allow enough space in your closet as to not crush your fur.
  • Do not store your fur in bags of any type. This only prevents the circulation of air which can dry out the pelts. After time bags can also cause wear or broken hairs by resting against the fur.
  • Never store your fur with moth balls. The chemical reaction from these balls can cause irreversible damage to your fur.
  • Avoid spraying perfumes, hairspray and any other chemicals on or near your fur. The pelts can become dry and stiff from the alcohol content in these products.
  • In the event that your fur gets wet shake it out and let it dry in a well-ventilated room. If your fur is soaked through, take it IMMEDIATELY in to our facility.
  • Avoid direct heat which can damage both the fur and leather pelt.
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