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  • What is the most popular fur?

    Mink is the most popular selling fur worldwide, and also the top selling fur in our store.

  • Why do I need to store my fur?

    Fur is highly susceptible to mold, mildew and insect damage when not properly stored. A certain temperature and humidity must be maintained when fur is not being worn during the warmer months. Our on-site storage vaults are kept at 4o degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity between 45 and 55 percent, while also protecting against theft.

  • Do I need to call ahead or give advanced notice when I want to drop my fur off for summer storage or when I want to pick it up in the fall?

    All garments are kept in our on-site, secure, temperature and humidity controlled vaults, therefore we do not require any notice when you want to drop off or pick up your fur.

  • Why do I need to clean my fur at a furrier?

    The proper fur cleaning method requires equipment not available to the consumer or dry cleaner. Proper cleaning removes the accumulated dirt and grease that, if left, will reduce the life of the garment and leave the skins looking dull and matted. Professional fur cleaning restores luster, softens the pelts, enhances the beauty, and assures longevity. This is especially important because salts used during winter de-icing can be particularly harmful to your coat and adds urgency to having a professional cleaning. Pavlis Furs is proud to be one of the only Authorized Fur Care Specialists™in the country and offers cleaning all year round, not just during storage months.

  • How often should I have my fur cleaned?

    Furs should be cleaned yearly by an Authorized Fur Care Specialist™ like Pavlis Furs. Your fur may not look dirty but it is important to remove small abrasive dirt particles and chemicals and keep it soft. Yearly cleaning also allows us to give your garments our professional once-over and recommend minor repairs, such as small tears in the seams you might not see, before they become major blemishes.

  • Can I take my fur to a dry cleaner for cleaning?

    Furs should never be given to a dry cleaner for cleaning as they are not cleaned in the same manner as fabrics. If a fur is cleaned in the same manner as a fabric, the oils in the leather are removed and the leather becomes dry and brittle, cracking and tearing easily.

  • How long will it take for you to clean or repair my fur?

    We service all garments on-site, and our cleaning plant and shop operate seven days a week year round. Most all garments brought in for cleaning or repairs are done in a matter of a few days. We understand that life is busy and our cold winters can cause urgency so we also offer a rush service with a turnaround in just a day if needed.

  • I noticed rips in my fur at the underarms and pockets, can you repair these rips?

    Yes, we do not just sell furs, we are full service furrier and we offer any service your fur may need such as repairs, cleaning, storage, restyling and resizing, all on-site. Rips and tears in the underarms or back of the armholes usually occur when too much strain has been exerted on the pelt, for example by reaching or lifting. Pockets can also wear away or tear when repeatedly used or subjected to overstuffing. Our experienced furrier can fix these minor repairs with a quick turnaround time.

  • What is the remodeling process and how do I know if it's worth doing to my fur?

    To completely remodel a fur a new pattern must be made and fitted, the old fur taken apart, worn or unusable parts must be discarded, the usable fur must be completely reworked to fit the new pattern and additional fur must often be matched. A new lining must also be made and fitted to the garment. Whether or not to remodel a fur requires an evaluation of several factors, including age of the fur, the type of fur it is and the style of the fur. Fourth generation furrier and owner Angelo Pavlis can evaluate any fur and offer you his expert opinion and the costs involved in remodeling your fur.

  • My fur no longer fits me, can it be resized?

    Yes, resizing of a fur is a very common alteration that we do all the time. A fur can be made larger or smaller depending upon your needs. You can bring your fur in for a consultation with fourth generation furrier and owner Angelo Pavlis where he can explain to you the different options available and the costs associated with them.

  • I do not live anywhere near your store; can I send my fur to you to be serviced?

    We know that there is not an experienced furrier on every corner and because of that we have hundreds of clients that send their furs to us every year for storage, cleaning, repair, restyling, etc. We recommend using UPS or FedEx to ship your garment to us. You can give us a call at 847-398-3495 for more details.

  • My fur got wet, what should I do?

    From time to time you may find yourself caught out in an unexpected snowstorm or rainfall while wearing your fur. As soon as you get inside, shake it out vigorously and hang it carfefully on a wide-shouldered hanger. Allow it to dry naturally in a cool dry place. Do not use heat in any form to assist the drying process. This would singe the fur and dry out the leather. If there is a circumstance where your fur is soaked through, for example due to a flood in your home, take it in immediately to us for proper treatment. Wetness that gets through to the fur pelt can create major problems of shrinkage, stretching and cracking.

  • My black leather jacket is dirty and faded, do you clean leather?

    Yes, we do on-site cleaning, re-conditioning and re-dying of leather jackets and coats.

  • I have just inherited an old fur, what can I do with it?

    Coming into an older fur is like winning the lottery to many people who appreciate the warmth, style and luxury that furs have to offer. Many people who come into our store with an inherited fur choose to have us alter or resize their fur to better fit them. If the fur is in good enough condition it can also be remodeled into a more updated style that may better suit your taste. A full length coat can even be transformed into great accessories like a cozy fur blanket, pillow or even a luxurious fur rug. Recycling furs is great for the environmentally conscious consumer and it is also the perfect way to hold onto a sentimental heirloom, for example, many of our clients opt to make keepsake teddy bears out of their old fur. Any fur in good condition can be recycled into something one-of-a-kind and unique.

  • I just inherited a fur. Can you tell me what it is and evaluate it for me?

    Yes, our on-site furrier can evaluate your fur and issue an appraisal for a nominal fee of $30. Our appraisals are universally accepted by insurance companies and are based on and list the actual retail replacement value of the fur at the exact time of appraisal. Our evaluation and appraisal will also contain an exact description of the type of fur, whether the fur is natural or dyed, number of fur pelts used, the fur origin, length and sweep.

  • Do you buy used furs?

    We do not purchase used furs. We do however provide an array of services that can help you fall in love all over again with your older fur and appreciate the value of keeping it. 4th generation furrier and owner Angelo Pavlis can transform your older fur into a fresh new design by restyling it. We also offer many keepsake ideas that will have you wanting to utilize your fur, such as making furs into throws, pillows, ear muffs, headbands or teddy bears.

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