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The Pavlis Furs Collection

You will find the largest and most fashionable selection of fur, outerwear and accessories for every lifestyle and every price range at Pavlis Furs. Owner Angelo Pavlis and his wife travel the world for inspirations in creating their own exclusive fur designs. An extensive selection of fine furs are available, including mink, sheared mink, sheared beaver, sable, lynx, chinchilla and fox. Pavlis Furs also carries a full line of outerwear, including shearlings and leathers. Of course you will always find the perfect collection of accessories to finish off your look at Pavlis Furs, such as hats, scarves, purses and gloves to name a few.

For 40¬†years Pavlis Furs has been Chicagoland’s furrier of choice, stop in to Pavlis Furs to see why.

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