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Servicing Your Furs and Fine Outerwear Garments

As the only Authorized Fur Care Specialist in the state of Illinois, and one of the only few in the United States, Pavlis Furs offers a full array of services for your furs and fine outerwear. Pavlis Furs is equipped with an on-premise temperature, humidity, and light controlled storage facility to protect your investment. Pavlis Furs also features an on-site cleaning plant with the most up to date equipment in the fur industry to clean your most valuable furs, leathers, cashmeres/wools, suedes and shearlings. Other on-site, professional services offered include repairs, complete fur restyling and appraisals.

Pavlis Furs accepts garments with ALL STORE LABELS. No matter where you purchased your fur from they will be happy to service it and to have you as their customer.

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